Best tube pre-amp Edge NL12.1 under $4K used?

Looking for recommendations for a tubed pre-amp to march my Edge NL12.1.

I am looking for lots of detail inner detail, black background, air, capable of huge(both depth and width), natural soundstage. I want to be able to "feel" the performance...for it to have a materialness to it..

And, it would be great if it have the same qualities in a built in phono amp, as I listen to records more than any other format.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated
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Rich121, take a look at my review of the Audio Valve Eklispe linestage for the details why I would recommend you audition in your system. Sorry, it's a linestage, no phono section, however even a new one retails for $4000.00, and it beat out for my ear's preamps well over the 10k mark.
Hi Rick,

I would give the Aesthetix Janus my highest recommendation at that price point. It is superb.