Best Tube Pre-Amp under 4K

I have an old AR-LS8 tube amp paired with channel island class d amps what would a newer upgrade under 4k thanks all
Best preamp I have ever heard is the new Don Allen Gen II two-tube preamp, and it's only $800(does not look like audio jewelry). Don't let the price fool you, there are people that have said it is better than the top of the line Hovland preamp, and I have had experience with it beating up a First Sound $5000 preamp. Many Good review over at Audio Asylum. Don is a first rate person also.
Here are four options I would consider at that price point (or slightly less used):

1) TRL (Tube Research Labs) 'The Dude' should definitely be considered at this price point- I thought it was fantastic.

2) Air Tight ATC-2 (plus you'll have change left over with this option). Wonderfully 'organic'- slightly smaller staging than the TRL unit though.

3) Herron VSTP-3A would also be an intriguing choice at that price point- great reviews but have not heard it myself yet.

4)Lamm LL2.1 deluxe- my friend has the orig. L1 which I have heard- some great magic in these Lamm preamps...
Tube Research Dude. Audio Valve Eklipse . Dodd Battery powerd preamp. I have owned all three --- all are fabulous. Look for pre-owned units as all are well built and will keep you well within your budget.
I owned a C-J Premier 16LS for many years and loved it. They can be found here for around $3200.00.