Best Tube Pre-Amp under 4K

I have an old AR-LS8 tube amp paired with channel island class d amps what would a newer upgrade under 4k thanks all
I owned a C-J Premier 16LS for many years and loved it. They can be found here for around $3200.00.
Thanks all, keep it coming, appreciate it. have a hard time finding where don allen is sold? also, it seems the conrad johnson gets some great reviews at about 2500.
Just so you know there is a Conrad Johnson Premier 16LS and 16 LS II which have about a 1000 difference in price

I can tell you that I have heard a Premier 16 LS II for about 10 years at a friends house and it has gone back for service twice. Once because he put to much silver contact cleaner on an RCA and it had to be replaced, and I forget the other reason. Both times fixed right and in a timely manner, and it seems pretty much bullet proof.

What can I say Im biased toward CJ but between ED at CJ and Bill Thallman these things will last forever and can upgraded as your budget allows
Hello Mlapenta,

I would strongly recommend finding a used BAT VK-51se.
Good luck and enjoy the search.

The Shindo Auregies-L is the best preamplifier I've experienced in this price range, though to be honest, most of my experience is up to ~$2500.

I did recently sell my Auregies to fund a ECC808 preamplifier. The intro pricing is ~$2650 and allegedly the thing has been preferred to the Shindo Masseto. Its all hearsay until I try it for myself, but they carry a 30 day full refund (no restock fee) so its worth a risk and within your budget.