Best tube preamp with remote under $2000 used

I have a Mapletree 2 SE ACE, refurbished Hitachi HMA 7500 - best and first MOSFET from the 70s, NHT Classic 3s in a 12 X 14 x 8 ft room and sound is great but need remote as its in my office at work.
Also need 2 sets off outputs as I may step up to Classic 4s and biamp. (Found another HMA 7500)
Prefer the old CJ sound- not the new lean and mean - so liquid, warm preferred over analytical.
The new Quicksilver with remote would be ideal but only 1 pair of outputs and Mini Max has no remote.
I guess if I could find a used CJ Premier 14, that would do- but there aren't any. Any other suggestions.?

Thanks for your help.
Schubert, that speaks volumes then ... especially if it was a real apples-to-apples comparison. That is, if you had the same unit that Springbok just got (SB10 correct me if I'm wrong) which is the upgraded Jolida. According to Wally over at Underwood HiFi, the Level 2 Mod puts the Fusion preamp on par with anything in the $5K range. Also what made me take notice is the modification designer's connection to Sonic Frontier - a well regarded brand. If that is far inferior to the EE Avant, it is really saying something.
I too am anxious to hear if you actually heard he Fusion Level 2 upgrade.
Walter doesn't usually hype. He's pretty blunt.
Springbok I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the fusion as I have been looking for a good tube pre with remote as well.