Best turntable for the buck

I now amazingly find that my analog system has fallen behind my digital system in  SQ and I want to investigate how to improve it. 
Currently I have a heavily modified Rega RP3 turntable, with two power supplies, a new platter, sub-platter and other internal enhancements. My cartridge is the Clearaudio Virtuoso.
Not that it’s bad, but I want to look for  something that will significantly improve the sound of my current setup. 
Will about a 4K investment do that?



if you could get this shipped at or under $4K, it WILL be a significant upgrade to your Rega.

As a keeper, long game is just Sota/Phoenix speed controller and swap out the unipivot for the gimbal, IF you don't care for it. Long game also includes outboard phonostage to maximize it's potential along with cart choice.


Well, I had a long talk with a Music Direct person today, and I’m not getting a turntable after all. I’m getting a Sutherland 20/20 phono preamp.  This is probably the best first step in my quest for better sound.

@rvpiano You’ll like that! Congratulations!

Ron Sutherland really knows his stuff. I had an Insight for a few years and stepped up to the Duo.

The people at MD are pretty awesome too- it sounds like they listened to you and actually brought you in way under budget.

@rvpiano it's tough to spend on a phono preamp but it is essential. Good move. What you have will change and /or improve and you will learn from that.