Best turntable under $4000

I am looking to take the next step in my analog journey. I currently am using a Fluance RT85 with ortofon 2m blue. I have a Rogue Audio cronus magnum iii. I am running them with Kef 104/2 's. Fluance seems to get alot of hate on here. I was considering a cartridge upgrade but I am hesitant to upgrade more then the cost of the table. I don't hear much background noise and like the sound. I guess I am wondering if I don't know I hear noise because I have not heard a turntable that eliminates that noise? When I went from my Onkyo to my Rogue Sphinx iii I realized I had been missing a whole lot of sound. Then I ditched my rebuilt EPI M150's and heard hidden instruments in tracks I have listened to for years. I am looking for that in a turntable upgrade.  Apperance is important. I have interest in the following:

Clear Audio Concept Wood w/ maestro v2

Mofi fender precisiondeck w/ mastertracker

Stretching my budget is:

Dr. Feikert Volare no cartridge

Gold Note Pianosa no cartridge

These take me out of my budget once I get a cartridge

Any other reccomendations 

I will miss the autostart function for those buzzed listening nights. I would like the 4k to include a cartridge. Any opinions are welcome. Anyone think I should say screw the "rules" and get an Ortofon black?


Thank you in advance


I had the RT85 and personally found it unlistenable.  I felt the sound was brash, excessively contrasty and very unnatural. I bought a used Rega P6 with the Ania cartridge and have been really enjoying it.  It is an enormous upgrade from the RT85 and has actually made me a believer in vinyl.  I have the Hegal V10 and PS Audio Stellar phono preamps.  Both are good but the PS Audio is probably better.  Downside of the Rega P6 is the tonearm isn't fully adjustable so you won't be able to use a lot of great cartridges by other manufacturers.  I think Rega is probably great at integrating the table, tonearm and cartridge so if you want a no fuss solution then a used P8 with the Apheta cartridge (with low hours) is probably as good as you can do for $4k but if I ever buy a higher end table it will be something that permits me to try a wide variety of cartridges easily.  

Save yourself 2 grand . My friend has the Technics SL-1210GR and it is real nice. With the savings you can get a real nice cartridge to go with it!




(In best Yoda voice). “yes, yes, to yogiboy you listen.”

will last you 40: years 


I own 3. No issues, no breaks, no belts,perfect rotation, no slowing down, no speeding up, always flawless play.

bought first 2 in mid late 80’s, bought. Third, black version in very early,2000’s I think.

no issues at,all. Start &:stop on a schilling!

I would get the Dr. Feikert Volare and use your current cartridge.

Cartridges wear our and you can upgrade when you can afford it or need to replace the cartridge.

The Technics is also a good suggestion


you have generally picked wood, rounded corners, low height, slim horizontal look. can you give other examples of alternate desired appearance regardless of price?

belt or direct drive. you have picked mostly belt drive. coincidence or definite preference? is quartz lock direct drive acceptable? compromise, or equally acceptable?

is used a consideration? not only to save money, access to models no longer made.

semi-automatic, optional manual/auto is a nice way to have that. I suspect used models are more likely to offer that, just an example:





1. I consider a removable headshell as fundamental.

a great many turntables today have fixed cartridges, pre-aligned, nice but very limiting regarding alternate cartridges, i,e, a mono cartridge, a MM, a MC, listen to a friend's cartridge. eventually the supplied cartridge will wear, a new cartridge will  need to be aligned, so that pre-aligned advange is fleeting.

2. tt with no arm. flexible mounting system. buy an affordable arm now, perhaps a better arm later, or best, buy most desired/affordable arm now.

3. two tonearms. if you listen to a lot of jazz, many greats made great music/albums prior to stereo era. 2nd arm: having mono cartridge pre-mounted, aligned, ready to go to switch instantly between stereo arm and mono arm in a listening session is wonderful.