Best turntable under $4000

I am looking to take the next step in my analog journey. I currently am using a Fluance RT85 with ortofon 2m blue. I have a Rogue Audio cronus magnum iii. I am running them with Kef 104/2 's. Fluance seems to get alot of hate on here. I was considering a cartridge upgrade but I am hesitant to upgrade more then the cost of the table. I don't hear much background noise and like the sound. I guess I am wondering if I don't know I hear noise because I have not heard a turntable that eliminates that noise? When I went from my Onkyo to my Rogue Sphinx iii I realized I had been missing a whole lot of sound. Then I ditched my rebuilt EPI M150's and heard hidden instruments in tracks I have listened to for years. I am looking for that in a turntable upgrade.  Apperance is important. I have interest in the following:

Clear Audio Concept Wood w/ maestro v2

Mofi fender precisiondeck w/ mastertracker

Stretching my budget is:

Dr. Feikert Volare no cartridge

Gold Note Pianosa no cartridge

These take me out of my budget once I get a cartridge

Any other reccomendations 

I will miss the autostart function for those buzzed listening nights. I would like the 4k to include a cartridge. Any opinions are welcome. Anyone think I should say screw the "rules" and get an Ortofon black?


Thank you in advance


Didn't know about this one. Over OP's budget, but I thought others might want to see it

This listing/price is from Romania, probably not real.


Has the OP indicated that he is interested in a used turntable, not to mention a vintage used turntable? Those often come with their own unique sets of problems that the new owner then has to solve. Just to note one thing: the SP 15 is not in the same league with the SP 10 mark 2, no matter how beautiful the plinth may or may not be.

If it's $4K all in for a complete turntable/tonearm/cartridge you should consider:

Poly Table Signature from George Merrill...PolyTable Signature (  George is Mr. Analog in my opinion and many others. 

Check out his web page the gear he carries and his "white papers: GEM Dandy Products (

Best of luck

I’ve been using the following for 35+ years:

- VPI HW 19 MK IV with SAM

- Sumiko MMT

- Koetsu - started with (“the old”) Black, currently the Onyx (“the old” onyx, made by The Madter)

$4000 for a turntable?  lol

That's more than I spent for the used Lexus that I've been driving for the past seven years or so... 

I have an old Sansui turntable that still performs just fine... I think I spent $100, maybe, plus a decent cartridge.  It's mainly nostalgic clutter, now, though... and I'm considering getting rid of it. 

To each his own, I guess.  ... values and priorities... some like bling, some prefer practicality or investments that actually go up in value - I'll take that 4k and drop it into an S&P 500 Index fund, thank you very much.