Best unplugged live

I'm listening to Alice in Chains unplugged MTV. Great performance and recorded perfectly. I miss that show. Stripped and seated, I love the concept. 


Thank you for the warm welcome, I'll be seeing you guys around the threads....first time posting, but I've been lurking getting ideas for the last 6 months or so.

I am remodeling the first floor of my house, and am replacing almost all of my gear. The agreement with my wife, just get rid of my floor standing Thiel 3.6 speakers (she thinks they are ugly) and go to bookshelfs....and she's good with it. Not sure she had any clue of the consequences of that statement, but I will have to hide the sub somewhere.

@vthokie83  - Wow, replacing Thiel 3.6 floorstanders with bookshelf speakers is going to be a tough one, and possibly/probably expensive! Good luck with it. Are you going to also try to integrate a subwoofer into the system? Have you seen the (very popular) Thiel Speaker thread here on AudiogoN? You might want to post on that thread asking for input on replacements.

Curious if you have started a list of potential replacement bookshelf speakers? 

Anyway, good luck, and enjoy the music.

Nirvana & Alice In Chains

More of a departure, presentation-wise, than the other Unplugged shows, thereby providing a more interesting take on their music.  The fact that, in both cases, the shows were so good speaks to the quality of their songwriting.  The cello in Nirvana’s case was beautiful, and the live vocal harmonies really shone in both cases (but especially Alice In Chains)

Hearing Nirvana do Bowie, Vaselines, Meat Puppets and Leadbelly is another plus. 


Yes replacing the Thiels with a bookshelf is not possible in my budget. But I'm 15 years older than when I bought them, and my listening style has changed dramatically as I've reached 60. I think I can be satisfied with a $3,000ish pair of bookshelfs, and a REL T/5X or T/7X.....especially if I pair them with great electronics. Right now purchased a Denafrips Pontus II D, AC and am strongly considering a Nuprime Audio AMG STA amp.....if I can figure out the volume control issue.

Thought of some more great live recordings in my collection, even if the recording quality is less than perfect the performances make up for it: Talking Heads Stop Making Sense, Eagles Hell Freezes Over, Allman Brothers Live at Filmore East, Cheap Trick Live at Budokan, Lynyrd Skynyrd One More For/From The Road, Bob Seger Live Bullet, Aretha Live at Filmore West, Rush Exit Stage Left, and of course the previously mentioned Little Feat Waiting for Columbus which is prior to Lowell George's deat.

Hey Newbie here again, and not sure how to go about this.

I have most of my system purchased or settled on, but I'm still overwhelmed on speaker matching. I've over indulged on speaker research, and would like to post my  system and get some feedback on good matches. Just want to make sure I post in the proper thread. Thank you in advance.