Best USB cable +/- $500

I have auditioned 4 USB cables all in the $100 range (Kimber, Audioquest Coffee, Wireworld Starlight, Transparent). Of these I settled on the Transparent in my system as overall best. My system consists of Mac Mini, Lindemann 24/192 DAC, Jeff Rowland Integrated, B&W 802D2 speakers.
What is your recommendation and why? In other words, what are the sonic advantages of your recommendation?

Your insight is appreciated
I'd love to consider one of the Rigdge Street audio cables, (respected by people who should know), but my opinion about certain products in the mid and high end is that I'm just not willing to spend that kind of money in my current income bracket. It's tough enough spending in the $100 range for a usb cable.
I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better USB cable then the Wywire Ltespeed in your price range.
The Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy Ref DualConduit USB2.0 is a great cable also.

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Thank you for your posts. My USB cable search is over. Did quite a bit of research, but in this price range it is impossible for me to audition much as I did in the $100 range.
Ridge Street was a bit too high priced for me. Anyway, bought the Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy Ref Dualconduit USB2.0.
Very, Very impressed with modest breakin it is a big step up from everything I have heard.