Best USB cable upgrade for around $1000

I am looking to upgrade the usb cable between my Hifi Rose music streamer and my Benchmark dac.  I have used usb cables in the past from Chord, Black Cat, Curious, and countless others.  I am currently using an oldie but a goodie (RDA Poiema R-3).  It is a great cable and I will probably never part with it, but I have the itch to try something new.  I have been looking at the following cables:  Mad Scientist Black Magic Ultra, Sablon Audio Evo, FTA Callisto.  Does anybody have experience with any of these cables and can offer any insight.


@jerrybj  Thanks.

So it is still full sounding with body and the neutrality doesn't tip it into edginess?

My two favorites are In-Akustik Reference USB ($550 for 1.5M) and my current reference, AB Tech KLAR ($1,350).


I've upgraded my Mad Scientist 'Black Magic Ultra' USB cable.

Sent it back to Bob, and for reasonable money it was upgraded to a Mad Scientist 'Black Magic Gold' USB cable.

I'm very impressed with the improvement. Well worth it.