Best Used $1,200 Table Arm Combo?

I am looking to pick up a good as possible table and arm, could be purchased seperate or packaged together but not exceeding about 1200(used prefered). I have been figuring something from Oracle, Michell, Nottingham, Vpi, maybe Sota, or basis, not super interested in Rega or Music hall type stuff, but open to the suggestions if they are the better at this level.
Needs to have deep solid bass responce, some tables I have heard sound thinner in this department, so I guess the arm matching will help this, I guess one could always buy the Rega 300 arm or something New for around 300.00 or whatever and get a used 8-900 dollar table as well... But I really prefer a removable headshell when possible for cartridge swapping. Thanks
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There is a used Spacedeck/Spacearm on the "Gon right now. You won't be sorry.

Ozzy 62, I see a couple space decks but with no arm? looks like you would be in the 2000.00 range if they did have it, so its a bit out of the 1200.00 range. thanks
There was one a couple of days ago with a Spacearm for 1475.00, but it's gone now.

In your price range you can always get a VPI Scout. Not a bad table for the $$.