Best Used Bang for Buck if I Finally SWITCH ?

I have recently started to use iTunes in a windows environment. Despite some problems, I would ultimately like to back up and/or collect music in an uncompressed format although this project is off to a slow start.

For many years I have used windows just to more easily integrate with the office, but now I have just had my SECOND Sony VAIO laptop die in < 12 months, which is particularly tedious at home where I am unable to check emails, surf audigon and other critically important things over the weekends and at night while I wait to have it shipped off and repaired.

With hopes of a more stable operating system, I am thinking of switching to a Mac, thinking that my music and photos etc should also live on the home machine and I can transfer documents if really necessary on a portable USB chip.

Could any of you please advise me if you have successfully switched over to Apple?

Have you had greater reliability with both hardward and software?

For a good all around at home PC for general purposes and primarily internet access, which used Apple would you suggest to get started?

I am not doing any CAD, heavy number crunching, video editing etc, but like any self respecting agoner, would like the highest performance with the most extraordinary discount from original retail price.
After a hard drive crash on my wife's PC, we decided to replace it with an iMac G5. She has been quite happy with it although, after using a Windows PC for a decade, the interface took a month or so to get used to. Maybe Apple is more intuitive but if Windows has become second nature, it does take time to switch. In particular, the standard one button Apple mouse has been quite annoying and probably should be replaced by a PC standard scroll mouse.

All important files readily transfer. Software tends to be somewhat more limited and expensive I assume due to smaller installed base. Only problem we have had is with bluetooth keyboard/mouse which I would not recommend. All in all, we are glad we bought it.

I would tend to agree with Faugusta about buying used. If you are on a budget, given what your stated use is, you might consider a new MacMini for $499 that you can use with your existing keyboard and monitor.
In my former life, I used to direct statewide projects in the public health arena. We had 4 Macs and three PC's in the office. Everyone I hired was predominantly a PC user, and every single one of them eventually preferred the Mac. Yes, for those PC users it was a learning curve to adjust to the Mac's easier interface, but once they did. they no longer were interested in using the PC's in the office. The Mac is the "Toyota/Honda" of the computer world. We never had a single problem with any of the Macs in 7 years, but the PC's all fell apart, had numerous bugs in the software, and were plagued by viruses. There's a good reason why Mac users are so dedicated about their computers.
I'm typing this on my Mac. The PC is behind me at my desk. I had the PC for consulting work where most people use PCs. My Mac is for my home studio. Get a Mac, you'll love it. If you want used, you might try an online source that I bought mine from:

This isn't an endorsement of this Web site, I only mention it to let you know that it exists. I have had no problems with the one I purchased from them.
Good luck.
I've bought Mac gear at, but these guys all seem to be Canadians, eh. The gear worked fine, though :o).

As you know, in any used market, it is a Real Good Idea to know your stuff before you plunk your money down. You can do a lot of reading up at these sites, among others :

I switched to Macs way back at MS-DOS 3.0...
You'll never press
ever again!
i Switched a year ago and being on line is actually something I enjoy rather than dread.