Best used DVD Player...Not interested in Blue R...

Could anyone recommend me a good DVD player in the used market. $400 to boot. Not interested in Blue Ray blah blah....or anything like that.

Need good picture, good sound. Mainly for watching movies and concerts on my 2 channel Rig. Considering Sony DVP9000ES or something in that league.... will be using it as a DVD Transport for everything mainly.

Any suggestions will help. Thx
I know that you are not interested in Blu-ray or HD-DVD but a few months ago I purchased a Toshiba XA-2. What amazes me most about this machine is the way it plays standard DVD's. The upconverting chip it uses makes the DVD's almost seem like HD.Like you I listen mostly to concerts, classical and rock and operas. It is one of the most satisfying pieces of gear that I have bought and that means many. Don
OPPO DV981HD: $229 new with outstanding picture. Plays standard DVDs (not HD-DVDs despite the "HD" in the model designation)and a universal player to boot. They have a money back guarantee. I never sent mine back. Amazon carries them with free shipping.
If you can find one, the Pioneer DV-79Avi is excellent with audio and video. Plays anything you throw at it except for the new hi-res video formats and it is built like a tank. CGray market models can be had for around $500 new -- you may run into a used one for $400-$500 on eBay if you're patient.
Oppo 981 is quite the machine but using HDMI into my Sony SXRD tv there is macroblocking or pixelization (maybe not right words as I'm not a videophile) but the super clean picture comes with its issues. Maybe its my Sony?

But hey back to the point, its a great player and you'd have to spend a lot more money to better it...