Best used Krell two channel amp?

For those of us who are just now looking at upgrading, there is a dizzying array of Krell amps to choose from. In your opinion, what second hand Krell would you recommend as being dependable and affordable. I would like transparency and effortless power to run my big B&W's. Thanks, Jim
KSA250 KSA250 KSA250. Try to get one cheap so if you dont like it sell it. May want to look into tubes...
Bah, class AB always seems to get a bad wrap. The best sounding Conrad-Johnson amps to me were the class AB amps, like the 11a . All the class A amps did was cause you to have to run the A/C on high, which messed with the sound and the utility bill. The KAV 250a has a power transformer that really needs a 20 amp circuit. 2000 watts into 4 ohms is 16 amps. My guess is it is still class A, but just to a point, at which it becomes class AB. Exploding bombs don't need a lot of finess. Love scenes do. Listen to one before you make a decision. Remember that all this stuff is true old, and probably needs to be rebuilt. I hear Krell is easy to work with on rebuilding, although they are expensive but not outrageous.