Best used turntable/arm combo for under $7,500.00

Hi fellow Audiogoners - I am looking for recommendations for a used, reliable, world-class turntable/tonearm combo that doesn't break the bank that I can easily get parts for and repair and/or maintain that doesn't need constant tweeking or a lot of fuss. I look forward to your timely relies. Thank you.
A Well Tempered owner here. With that budget I'd go for two decks. The Clearaudio Performance or Ovation both play 78s. And a Thorens 124 with an Ortofon SPU mono cartridge.
Hi Pani - Everything you say is very itneresting. I have an EMT 950 - but I am taking an age restoring it - the problem is that it aint like a Lenco or Garrard in that with those it is fairly easy to take apart put back together - the 950 requires expertise - which is available from Hans Fabritius and others in Germany - for a price. I may just sell my 950 as it is gonna cost me too much to properly finish the restoration.
Back to the subject - it is very interesting what you say about the Linn. I was not a big fan for a long time, then I heard one that had had the Funk Firm mods, and had Naim amplification. It was absolutely fabulous - truly musically brilliant. I was unimpressed though by the Rega P9 which I tested around the same time as the Amazon Model One. I would have bought the Clearlight Receovery (not the basic version) had it been available when I bought my deck. I would like to listen to the Artemis SA-1 - I bet that it is cut from the same cloth as the DPS. I really like turntables that are compact and are not prone to being described as 'Audio Jewellery) like large transrotor decks (not that i criticise those who do like them - whatever floats your boat).
I liatened to the Platine, and whilst I was impressed, I just preferred the sound of the Amazon - that was then - who knows now... LOL
My sensitivity to timing is very much compunded by my loudspeaker choice - namely Yamaha NS1000M's which are very fast, and are sealed (none of the timing lag of ported speakers) - I always tend to like electrostatics and other planar designs as well. Couple all this to the fact that I also have a Lavardin IT which is a very high resolution, high speed design - it is no wonder that I have become so timing sensitive.
It is perhaps no wonder that people who go crazy over imaging tend to buy single ended amps and horns, and go for turntables that accentuate this.
I think that Rmarkus is about to start a wonderful journey, and should really get round to hearing as much as he possibly can - if he finds a cheaper deck that he enjoys more than an expensive one, then he should trust his ears and judgement - don't make the mistake of being over reliant on reviews and other peoples opinions - use them as a guide.
I would say no doubt at that price point buy a replinthed Technics sp-10 mkll. You will be amazed how plug-n-play this deck is with elite class sound. The mkll is also very serviceable but I'll bet after a couple years you'll be looking for a MKlll. I started with a mkll to compare with a VPI Super Scout Master rim drive. I now have two MKllls. Call Steve Dobbins, Albert Porter or Chris Thornton. You can get a mkll for less than your stated budget. It will blow you away and it's like operating a child's close and play. It just spins at the designated speed with the push of a button, never bogs down and with a doubled arm plinth the possibilities are almost endless.
If I could afford to pull it off, I'd purchase a used Transrotor. Acoustic Solid is much like the Transrotor in its approach. They're simple, no froth, solid build, will effectively accommodate any cartridge and look great as well.
Basis 2500 with Vector Arm, will even have change left for a nice cartridge. I have owned one of these for years, superb sound and trouble free. I also own a TW Acoustic Raven 2 with Tri-planar Arm and the Basis easily keeps up.