Best value in pre-owned preamps right now?

I see all sorts of deals as I think lots of people are dumping traditional analog only preamps for those that now include a DAC. Personally I'd NEVER ever want a DAC in my preamp as that technology improves by the minute.

What is your bang for the buck king right now?

I'm not at all interested in digital inputs... so keep that in mind!
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HK fan,

You could select one of these great suggestions, spend a fair amount of your hard earned money, hook it up to your system and hate it.

Without knowing what your audio preferences are and your system, making a suggestion is of little benefit.
Another bid for Modwright, though I use the 36.5. I also auditioned the cheaper 100 model, which was also excellent. A little more "tube like", that is some warm colouration, but very good. I compared the 36.5 with an ARC Ref 3 pre, which is more expensive and I preferred the Modwright.

Before the Modwright, I was using and in fact, still have, an excellent DIY built clone of the Music First Audio Baby reference. Others will disagree, but having tried several others, I think it is one of the best passive Pres around. I definitely prefer the Modwright, which is different in a way I prefer,rather than better, than the passive
I bought a Allnic L4000 that was upgraded to a L3000 mk2 and have never been happier; if you see one for sale you can't go wrong.
"What is your bang for the buck king right now?"

I don't think this is the best way to go about it. Regardless of how good the deal is on a preamp, you still need to like how it sounds, and how well it matches with your other components.
A few that come to mind....

SAS Audio preamps. Owned a 10A linestage...very good product if you can find one. I haven't seen one up for sale in years, and I'm not sure if Steve Sammet is still in business. Can't go wrong if you want to hear what a really good preamp can do for your system.

YS Audio A2. This one never gets much attention but it's a serious contender even bought new, and used it's a steal. I don't see this one come up used very much either. I'd have to spend much more to do significantly better, especially with upgraded caps and vintage tubes on deck.

Juicy Music preamps. I was just listening to a Blueberry at friend's house just a few hours ago...always impressive and extremely musical from top to bottom, with a top-notch phono stage to boot. That's a good one to snatch up if you find it.