Best value Set amp for under $1500 used is ok.

Looking to power some large horn speakers and replace my SS Audio Research upgraded LS10 power amp because it needs service and I am not ready to service this unit for a variety of reasons not worth discussing here.

Specs for the Viking Acoustics L’Instrument speakers



Sensitivity: 98 db

Time Alignment: Drivers time-aligned mechanically and electrically.

Bandwidth: 18Hz - 19,000 (18Hz - 50kHz with optional super tweeter)

I have tried 845/805/KT88/120 in non set builds. I’d like to try a 300B or similar set  design for these without burning the budget. I’m based in Australia and prefer to use 240V capable amps.


I'll chime in very briefly, as Charles and I both run Coincident speakers.  Charles- a local dealer friend lent me a very nice all piano black lacquer amp from Melody.  It's a 2A3 integrated (uses 4 2A3's for output, and there is also a 101d DHT tube in the circuit as well!).  It's super heavy with some very beefy transformers.  This thing was so quiet as well.  Shockingly good (even on the big PRE's Charles), and for ~ $1,500 used- I am contemplating for the third (8' x 10') bedroom system...


Now that seems a very good amplifier at a fabulous price. I’d strongly encourage you to go for it,


There seems to be a number of upgrades available for this amp by Skunkie Design Electronics. 🦨  I may just upgrade the 6sn7 tubes with the lower grade Linlai tubes in the near future after arrival.

I don't have any experience with SET amps and high efficiency horn speakers, but if I'm reading your OP, you have $30K speakers and want to limit your amplifier expense to be <$1,500 ?


Lol you should hear these speakers with my cheap Marantz AVR. Simply amazing, seriously. I’ve sold the Luxman M900u. My Audio Research D240 MKII here is in need of service. My other D240 MKII is in the USA, smashed by FedEx who are not paying insurance claims at all these days. My Berlin R Type II speakers were smashed by FedEx, did I say they are not paying insurance claims, yes I did, and these have been completely rebuilt. Now waiting for sale. This seems like an ideal moment to not join the two year waiting list for a Decware or invest in a Kondo or Audio Note etc, hey why not try an entry level 300B as a starter set? 

Doing that.