Best Value Speaker Model for the Buck?

Interested in what people think is the most amazing speakers for the money. I love amazing values; the big bang for the buck; the class leaders and benders.

I thought the old Ohm Acoustics model L with the current upgrades make an amazing value. The Wharfedale Diamond 9.2's are an amazing little speaker too. And I've heard nOhr speakers are fabulous values too.

So what's the biggest bang for the buck you've ever heard? Used speaker values?
Snell Type A's. Tweak your system upstream all you want & they just sound better & better(& better). A pair, depending on model AI-AIIIi, in good condition will run you 500-1500 bucks(make sure the woofer foams have been replaced). I've heard speakers for 10X the money(either end) & I'll still take my pair of A's.

Snell CV's for $900 are also quite a bargain.

Spica TC-50! Current models I think the Maggie MMGs are a good Bang for the buck.
Chadnliz: The DCM speakers on demo in NYC at the show were very good for $1000.00 infact it made some of the insane prices on other speakers look almost criminal. I dont mean to say some of the more expensive speakers were not better but $50,$75,$100,000 better?...........nope.

Just to provide some perspective if possible: at what price point did you start hearing better sound than DCM's?