Best Value Speaker Model for the Buck?

Interested in what people think is the most amazing speakers for the money. I love amazing values; the big bang for the buck; the class leaders and benders.

I thought the old Ohm Acoustics model L with the current upgrades make an amazing value. The Wharfedale Diamond 9.2's are an amazing little speaker too. And I've heard nOhr speakers are fabulous values too.

So what's the biggest bang for the buck you've ever heard? Used speaker values?
Another vote for Vandersteens, most especially the 2 series for value and for an essentially full-range speaker.
Condocondor, I auditioned Vandersteen's up to $12,000/pair, and then I listened to the Magneplanar 1.6's and I was blown away. I found them more open and airy than the Vandersteen's! I bought the Maggies on the spot for $1725 and never looked back. To my mind they have the best bank for the buck of any speaker on the market today. Period. They have great dimensionality, soundstage, and convincing presence. The 3.6's are even better, but for an additional $2800 I'll stick with the 1.6's.

Give 'em a listen. I think you'll like what you hear.

Magnepan speakers can have a very positive and hypnotic affect for many and are great value but compared to Vandersteen and others there are significant tradeoffs.
Best to listen and decide for yourself so you dont get on a miserable and expensive path of upgrades just to have basic happiness, Magnepan speakers are much harder to get right in a room and need both alot of space and alot of power.
This is a no contest and is won by Green mountain audio with the entry level Europas.They will play in excess of 103 db and sound as spacious as one could expect from such a small design.The asking price of 1250 for a new pair is a deal for the performance that it is capable of.A speaker like the Calypso is stunning in all aspects.Hope this helps Dennis