Best value speakers available

I was intrigued by a thread about buying new speakers in the 10k range, a speaker that just kept poping up was the magnepan 3.6. I agree that that is a super value for the money but then again so are the 1.6's. What are you picks for the best "value" speaker out there. I would prefer not to hear the wilson audio X-1 grand slamm, unless of course you are bill gates! thanks in advance for any comments.
Bwhite, Thank you for the info on the current Rauna Tyr. I owned the Tyr and Tyr II in the 80s and found them the only competition to the LS/35A back then. Another promising small speaker called the Palantir was made by a company that went out of business.Too bad, it may have been another alternative. The Rauna Tyr got the voices right. Its concrete cabinet was revolutionary. "You want to resonate, resonate on this" If the speaker betters the original, I'll be ordering a pair for my second room soon. Thanks for the info,..Frank
Your welcome Frap. It's been a while since I heard the Tyr. I don't know what the current generation sounds like. There was a thread on Audio Asylum about a month ago and some said the company went belly up but an engineer somehow got the rights to the company. Whatever. I recommended these speakers on this thread because I thought it was a 'value' question (which to me means cheap but good). The Tyr's are better than good and at under 200 bucks a great value.
You would be hard pressed to find a better value and bang for the buck than Von Schweikert ( From entry to cost no object, the Von Schweikerts compare favorably to any speaker, dynamic or electrostat. They are quick and dynamic with huge soundstage, and are very forgiving to room environments. They are custom made, not mass produced and offer a unheard of 10 year warranty.

I second the last response concerning Von Schweikert.

Remove the word "value" from the heading and the Von Schweikerts easily qualify as "Best Speakers Available".
They are a tremendous value as well.
the pair you like the best that's in your price range... it really all comes down to what YOU like. One thing to take into consideration if you're conserving cash, though, is how difficult to drive the speakers are. My example is that I wanted to get decent speakers ($2000-3000) but I didn't want to simultaneously upgrade my admittedly crappy receiver into a good pre/amp combo. So I listened to a bunch of demos of speakers that were slightly out of my price range... and I listened to them with both great and horrible amplification. I narrowed it down to B&W 804s, B&W 805s, and Linn 5140s. At the end of the day, I went with the Linns because I thought they fit my circumstances best -- (to me!) they sounded better than the 805s on good & bad equipment, and they sounded MUCH better than the 804s on bad equipment. The 804s were better with a great amp/pre combo. But, they were more expensive, and I didn't want to shell out for the amp/pre at that time. I'm just getting ready to start looking for the amp/pre now, which will be great -- another huge upgrade...

Good luck, & buy what you like, not what we like...