Best value speakers available

I was intrigued by a thread about buying new speakers in the 10k range, a speaker that just kept poping up was the magnepan 3.6. I agree that that is a super value for the money but then again so are the 1.6's. What are you picks for the best "value" speaker out there. I would prefer not to hear the wilson audio X-1 grand slamm, unless of course you are bill gates! thanks in advance for any comments.
Also..the gateway to hi end really starts at the $800-1k level new...with Vandersteen 1cs, Von S. vr-1s, and Quad 12Ls(which I own)...these are all full range performers...for those with small rooms and where deep bass is not required...the Spendor 3/5s...however...all need stands...even the Vandies...which are the "hidden cost"...but you wont have the "itch" to upgrade any time soon...Dynaudio 52 is also a good candidate...
Innersound Eros MKII or the new MKIII gets my vote. The brand new MKIII list at 8,000 I believe, and MKIIs can be had here on the 'Gon for under 4 at times. These are hybrid electrostats that sound fantastic. They give you all the benefits of the stats with the bass of a dynamic speaker. These come with an electronic crossover/bass amp, so you will have to provide an amp for the stat panels. They are a best buy in TAS and have numerous "thumbs up" reviews.

If you live in an area where there is no dealer, Roger Sanders will give you a 30 day in home trial. By the way, customer support comes no better than Roger.
I don't think you really get to hear the music until you get into a speaker like the Ref 3A's. These guys really light it up. I know you bass freaks out there are going to "#hit" but that is the truth. You can almost have state of the art sound with the $2500 List price mm de Capo's. and if you want more base just get a HSU sub woofer direct from them for about $450. Whats not to love.
Hello guys. i'm assuming we are talking about previously enjoyed speakers here. I see many very good suggestions at various price points.However.... at the $1K mark,given the proper room and set up,and when recreating the illusion of real music in your room,for the music lover... the original Quad 57 has no real competition!I have also seen 3 panel acoustats as well as their 2+2 model sell for less than a kilo-buck here on the gon,they are pretty near indestructable,Have decent bass,very good midband resolution and play loud enough to rock and roll, as well as throw a giant 3 dimensional sound stage.That said...They do need some power to energize them, Can be mesmerizing with powerful tube amps.Simply put, a no brainer for the money. Cheers!
I'm going to throw my beloved Quad's into the list - the
11Ls / 12Ls for a bookshelf cannot be beat in their pricerange. The 12L easily bettered the B&W603 and I've seen others note that it compares favorable to the B&W805 even.