Best Way for my TT to reach my Pre-Amp!?

I have a Rega Planar 3 that sits a few feet too far away to reach my Marantz AV7704 phono stage.

whats the best way to reach my Marantz preamp processor with the short 2 foot phono cables that come with the Rega?

It sounds like rca extensions are going to cause too much capacitance and there is also a difference between phono extension cables and rca cables. Please teach me! 
Another option.
What is above the Marantz AV7704 ?
Install a wall shelf just above it. The shelf should be attached to the studs of a load bearing wall. Place you Rega on this shelf with cables feeding the Marantz below.

If the Marantz is in the middle of the rack move it to the top. .
Best to link a pic of the setup.  

Cheers Chris
+1 big_greg! Get a phono stage (Park Puffin, Schiit Mani ...). Much better than the one in that AVR receiver!
I will work on getting you more info. You guys are the best! Thank you all!

My cartridge is a Nagaoka MP-110!
the phono Input of the Marantz which I have read is better than most other phono preamps I can buy.

Lol!!! Hilarious! The things people will say to make a sale.

Reality check: Just about any but the cheapest stand alone phono stage will blow away every phono card ever made. Any. And the suggestions above are quite a bit better than "any".