Best Way for my TT to reach my Pre-Amp!?

I have a Rega Planar 3 that sits a few feet too far away to reach my Marantz AV7704 phono stage.

whats the best way to reach my Marantz preamp processor with the short 2 foot phono cables that come with the Rega?

It sounds like rca extensions are going to cause too much capacitance and there is also a difference between phono extension cables and rca cables. Please teach me! 
I will work on getting you more info. You guys are the best! Thank you all!

My cartridge is a Nagaoka MP-110!
the phono Input of the Marantz which I have read is better than most other phono preamps I can buy.

Lol!!! Hilarious! The things people will say to make a sale.

Reality check: Just about any but the cheapest stand alone phono stage will blow away every phono card ever made. Any. And the suggestions above are quite a bit better than "any".
Ok dumb question. When I buy a phono preamp, will no longer use the phono input of my preamp processor and will instead use the CD line level inputs correct?
Not a dumb question and your assumption is correct.  You can use any of the other inputs but the phono input.  If you use the phono input you'll be amplifying the signal and then amplifying it again and you'll probably get a nasty noise coming out of your speakers.