Best way to clean glossy finish on speakers?

I have a microfiber cloth and distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. 

I can use all this to clean a TV screen and my glasses, but is there a preferred way to clean pristine glossy finish on speaker cabinets so that trace scratching does not appear?.



I guess she must be more than happy doing so. Make sure though whatever the gadget she is using won’t microscopically scratch the surface please. Someone in this thread even worries about the cover fabric "rubs" the surface more so than abrasive, intrusive cleaning using all of the solutions recommended here.

I use Zaino products on my black gloss Focal Sopra 2's.  In particular I use their grand finale spray seal to remove dust on a regular basis with a soft cotton cloth.  I use their all-in-one about once a year to give the finish a nice coat of protection, these products make the surface a very slick.  I only handle the speakers with white cotton gloves if I need to move them.  So far I have only had one scuff mark on one of them, which came off with Zaino fusion polish.  They make good stuff, I have been using Zaino on my automobiles for probably 15 plus years.  Right now I am looking into a ceramic product, the only problem is there are so many out there it is hard to weed out all of the junk, I have tried a couple that were just that.

I use a product called Novus. There is a 1,2,3 versions for additional polishing.


@macg19 ,

You can get into a lot of trouble with a rotary polisher. You can burn right through the finish. However with Menzerna 3500 and a foam polishing pad on a random orbital polisher it is virtually impossible to get into trouble. You would have to throw the polisher at the speaker. It would take hundreds if not thousands of polishings to get through the finish and it is impossible to burn through the finish. You can't generate enough heat. The Cyclo is another safe finishing device but I find it clumsy to work with.

@vandy357  CQ Quartz UK formula. Lasts three years in New England. You have to rub out the finish first and use a professional surface cleaner like CarPro Multix. If you leave anything like fingerprints or water spots on the paint you will seal them right in and the only way to get them off is to rub the panel off and start all over. This is true for any of these products. First time around it is best to do a white or silver car. If you do a black car you will wind up committing suicide.