Best way to clean glossy finish on speakers?

I have a microfiber cloth and distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. 

I can use all this to clean a TV screen and my glasses, but is there a preferred way to clean pristine glossy finish on speaker cabinets so that trace scratching does not appear?.



To "Dabel" I used to use all my old t-shirts also until I bought a black car and saw that it was introducing scratches to the finish. I think the thicker the microfiber the better but don't buy the ones that feel like fur as they do nothing

So for my 9-5, I sell automotive paint to body shops. A lot of speaker manufacturers outside the US still use cheap crap paint, but most anything stateside and everything in the EU are going to use more quality automotive grade paints, some base/clear but most are single stage where it comes out directly glossy. Glass cleaner and the like will not hurt them one bit. If someone does pull out a polisher to remove scratches, BE CAREFUL if you're using a rotary polisher as that can whip right through down through the paint. If you're using a dual-action polisher, they are much less aggressive and will not burn through even on the corners. As for polishes, compounds, etc please be mindful if there are any fillers in them as that will disguise scratches for the short term but come back a lot worse later. The older 3M products, lots of Meguiars, and Chemical Guys stuff will use fillers to make things appear shiny real quick to get a car out of the shop. Look for something like the new Meguiars 110 compound and 210 polish, or my new favorite the 3D 510 compound and 520 polish. The down side to the new materials with no fillers is they are harder to clean up if you are messy and get compound where you shouldn't. Wipe immediately with microfiber and quick detailer to clean up, or else. Speaking of microfiber towels and quick detailer, Presta Ultrasoft microfiber towels (part#800136) are the best ones on the market, hands down. Little more $ but worth every penny. And for a quick detailer spray, I've still yet to find one better than Meguiars 34 (part#M3416 for the spray bottle size) for everyday use. If you were to walk around a car show, that's what most are using to wipe down their cars. When I give my speakers a quick cleanup, it's a healthy spritz of that and a quickie wipe with microfiber and you're done in 2 seconds. Yes, it will even wipe off dried dog slobber.

Just thought I'd chime in on the conversation.



On the note of speaker paints, if anyone is going to paint a set for themselves, I'm more than willing to help advise through the project. Just send me a message and I'll walk you through everything.

Yes @ghdprentice in the garage sits a baker’s dozen stack of microfiber cloths. Though i still prefer this application (t-shirts with ammonia free windex) as my number one go-to choice for 1980’s tar applied drivers. Sorry, for that particular post should’ve been more detailed and specific. Patience please, as i further work on ones communication skills ;)


Just my educated guess regarding Porter Cable routers in use, model 100, 690 w/ plunge base, and 7518. For 1/2 sheet oscillating sanders our go-to then Porter Cables 505.