Best way to clean glossy finish on speakers?

I have a microfiber cloth and distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. 

I can use all this to clean a TV screen and my glasses, but is there a preferred way to clean pristine glossy finish on speaker cabinets so that trace scratching does not appear?.




I use the 690 in various bases depending on the mission. My Plunge router is a 7539 and I use a 75182 in a router table configuration. I also have a 10 hp 3 phase SCMI spindle molder and the scars to prove it. I use the 303 1/4 sheet sander. It is faster at 12,000 RPM. My Fein 1/2 sheet sander will hit 14,000 rpm, what a machine!

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On the Wilsons, I'm a Griot's quick detailer fan.  Point has been made here, but not too clearly, spay you favorite cleaner on the cloth and apply, not directly on the speaker.

Have fun...

I use a microfiberr cloth on my Elacs 403.  Im sure there are some swirl marks, hard to keep then new like a black car when I was 20.