Best way to connect iPad to integrated amp

Hello all,
i recently began the foray into using my iPad a music server. What is the best way to make this happen?
is something like the Audioquest dragonfly a good way to go? I’m not sure how to make the interface work? Do you use the aux input with an external dac?
Thanks for your help and input

Might want to see if this will work for you - HRT LineStreamer+
I use  a different model a HRT istreamer to use my ipod classic in my headphone system . Good sounding DAC for the money
The iPad doesn’t have a USB port. Won’t work. You need to buy the camera dongle which comes with a USB port and plugs into the lightning connector. 
Stereo5 is correct you need the adapter. They have one that allows you to skip the need for a usb hub and use it with your charger.

For just about the same money as the cable you can get a Klipsch Gate off of Amazon and use your ipad to control the Gate around $30 shipped. 

The sound quality is fantastic and I prefer it over the Bluesound Node 2i I had. 

Before the Node (ive had the node 2 and 2i) I was using an ipad as a streamer with the dacs in a Hegel h160, Outlaw rr2160, Peachtree Nova 150, Centrance Dacmini, Devilsound HD, Jolida Glass and a few others but was not happy with the sound. 

For the price and option to return it you can’t go wrong. 

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I have seen the 3.5 to rca stuff. I was trying to find out if there is a dac/ streamer that bypasses the iPads internal processing. I don’t believe the sound coming out of the headphone jack will be all that great