Best way to couple monitor speakers to stands?

I made some Sound Anchor copy 4 post stands for my Revel M20 monitors. They are very heavy and I think the sound is noticeably better than the stands I was using before. I am using 4 dabs of blue tack to couple the speakers to the stands. I wondering if big improvements can be made with something else. The top of the stands are 3/4" thick by 2" steel bar roughly the same size of the speaker and then at each corner a 2x2 steel tube runs down to a bass. Looks just like the sound anchor 4 post stands. I filled everything with sand/lead shot.

Is blue tack good enough?
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The best method would be attach via screws to firmly couple to your speakers/stands. This is what I would do with my Merlins, but refuse to drill into the cabinets so I use blu tak. I think the secret is to use just very small blobs. About the size of bb in each corner will hold very securely.
Go to Walmart and get Scotch foam mounting squares they are double sided and cost about $2.00,they work as well as any other stick on device I have used.
I put black diamond racing pucks between my stands and speakers with great results without putting my speakers in peril. Realized a more even tonal balance with an improvement in delpth and clarity.