Best way to couple monitor speakers to stands?

I made some Sound Anchor copy 4 post stands for my Revel M20 monitors. They are very heavy and I think the sound is noticeably better than the stands I was using before. I am using 4 dabs of blue tack to couple the speakers to the stands. I wondering if big improvements can be made with something else. The top of the stands are 3/4" thick by 2" steel bar roughly the same size of the speaker and then at each corner a 2x2 steel tube runs down to a bass. Looks just like the sound anchor 4 post stands. I filled everything with sand/lead shot.

Is blue tack good enough?
I put black diamond racing pucks between my stands and speakers with great results without putting my speakers in peril. Realized a more even tonal balance with an improvement in delpth and clarity.
Sound Anchor does supply coupling discs, that is what got me thinking about something better than just blue tack. I think I'll just try some of the Herbie's Dots and see how those work. Thanks for the suggestions.
Somec59's comment will,by a huge margin, provide the greatest improvement in sound--and it's easy to try.