Best way to digitize LP's

Looking for advice - I have a big LP library, several turntables and just as big CD library which i have already transferred to Roon and ....iTune... :) i am looking for an efficient and not too complicated way to digitize my LP's - I assume there should be a piece of hardware (with software) that i will need to inset between the Phono stage and a PC (no mac)? My turntables don't have built in Phono stages or a way to do it (i know there are some turntables that have this capability built in).

Thanks for the help!


I purchased a Korg MR-2000S Studio Recorder. With this setup I connected the phono preamp output to the Korg input. Then connected a PC to the Korg via a USB cable. I would record both sides of the album to one file on the Korg in DSD format. I would then copy the DSD file to my PC. On the PC I used Korg AudioGate software to convert the DSD file to PCM 96/24. I then used purevinyl (Channel D) to download album art, track lists and separate each track into a separate file. You can also use the software to remove clicks and pops. Track separation is a tedious process and I used head phones to help with the process.

Please explain "best."

Easiest?        CD recorder, rip to PC

Best SQ?        Tascam DA-3000.

In between?     UMC202HD into a laptop.

@welcher Your process works, but look at the number of steps involved.  I believe the OP was hoping for something simpler.


@dadork Actually I own several lps that are not currently available digitally, therefore cannot be listened to in any digital format.  I have transferred a few using a Project Phono Preamp with a usb out , to a MacBook and then used Audacity software.  It is tedious and the ProJect is a noisy POS.  The noise can be decreased with the software but the results aren’t great and I’d rather just listen to the lp

Vinylstudio is another software product you can use to convert formats, split tracks, scan for clicks and pops, manually edit a track.  I suggest recording as DSD and convert to PCM with software.  A good job is a big effort and I think only a good job is worth doing.