Best way to hook my new iMac to my PS audio PWDAC2

I just got a new 27" iMac I'm wanting to consolidate all my music into this one computer. I have a Mac mini which has the bulk of my library (about 10,000 albums) and it works fine but the new Mac is so speedy and is what I would use to download any new music. I have an Apple TV for the input now for the new iMac and the mini is connected via USB. The iMac would need a length of about 2m to reach the DAC. Not sure what is best USB, Ethernet, USB to spdif converter etc... I assume the Apple TV is the least desirable way to get music out of the computer and as far as I can tell it won't let me use a program like pure music or audirvana. I am for now dedicated to using iTunes as my playback software.

Thanks, Ryan
Your best bet sonically is to get the bridge, and just run JRiver on the Mac (now finally available) as your DLNA server. You would control you library trough eLyric. Works like a charm (at least on PC - presume JRiver on Mac is stable as well).
That post kinda sounded like an apple advertisement. So many apples so many it's. Eek.
I found the usb out better than the optical on my macbook. I am confused as to why but this has been the case with three different dacs and three different optical cables. To me an optical signal would eliminate any interference from the pcu and power so it should be better but it was not.