Best way to improve my Theater with $1500.00

I just won an award from my work. They gave me $1500.00 worth of Amazon gift cards. I want to use it on my home theater, and was hoping to get a little advise.

Right now I am in a condo, so my HT is basic. In about 6 months I will buy a house and build a dedicated home theater. I usually buy used gear, to save a small fortune. I have not spent any money recently on anything new. I did try a Pioneer Elite Receiver with the digital amps and HDMI and all that. It didn't sound as good as my B&K gear at all so I returned it.

My theater consists of a b&k Ref 50s2. B&K AV-5000S2 amp. Sony BDP-s550 blue ray running LPCP analong out to the Ref 50. All monster m1000 series interconnects. I also have a PS3 and a Direct tv box. Right now I have a 60" Panasonic Plasma, A thiel Smart Sub, DCM TFV-6.0 as mains and CX-17 as center, plus rears. When I get the full theater going again I will use my DCM TFV -10.0's as mains (I have 2 pair) and maybe rears/ center. I will also want to go with a front projector for video. I listen to both music and movies, and would like to look into streaming lossless from my PC.

So, Knowing my plan, what gear should I buy?

1. I have been debating on upgrading to an all Thiel system. I can pick up used speakers on Audiogon, craigslist o ebay pretty cheap. I may invest the 1500 twards new ones though.

2. Oppo bdp-105 or the step down. I know they do lossless streaming and have good DAC's. However, will I see that much increase over the DAC in my B&k? (since I coudl keep it instead of getting a new processor)

3. Get a new processor. One of the newer Marantz/ onkyo ? emotiva/ outlaw. Would I need a new or better blue ray at this point? Or just use my PS3 or PS4 when it comes out. Will I notice better sound/ vid quality with lossless formats by ising an oppo over the ps3 with a newer processor? Should I get an AVR and use it as a Processor?

4. Wait and buy a projector? I would probably like this potion least. Just because I can probably grab a deal on craigslist on a used one very cheap. I am less concerned about video quality and don't want 3D. I want a good picture but my thing is mainly sound.

5. When I build my theater I will build it to my ideal. I have spent 16 years building houses, so the construction is not a problem.

So Any thoughts or ideas on how to spend my money??
Thank you for that. I know I will buy a nice projector for sure. I might just hold on for 6 months and buy one, or blow it now. I am like a kid in a candy store!!

I think your B&K ref50 still holds up as a good processor if you're just going to setup a 5.1 system and don't want to use one of the newer codecs.

Also, adding an OPPO (new 103 or 105, used 93 0r 95) is a very good move. I don't currently own one but, from what I've read and heard, these sre versatile and excellent players. This will most likely be the brand I get when I upgrade to Bluray.

Good luck,
Your B&K's are great for older formats, and if your Sony has analog out, it will be fine for HD formats.

I dont know much about your speakers & sub, but I do know I like dynamic speakers for HT. Hard to beat Kkipsch reference. You could almost get Klipsch KLF 30's, 20's, and the C7 for just over 1500. If you upgraded their tweeter diaphrams from Crites to titanium(another 160 aprox) your theater would rock.

I have owned all the Logans. They will play loud with a good amp, but their dynamics stink IMO. I now use the KLF setup, and smile with every movie.

Again I am not familiar with your speakers.

I also prefer 2-4 quality subs that may have less spl, but go deep, verses 1 monster sub in one location.
"Thanks Tim. Trust me, I am very careful about the money I spend. That is why I am looking for advise . I want to make sure I spend my money wisely."

Albert Einstein (kinda smart guy -had a few answers) once said something like: -"It wasn't that I was smarter that I learned these things, but that I merely stayed with the problem longer"
-"I have no special talents, only that I am passionately curious"

If you really wan't to know for yourself, YOU'RE GUNNA HAVE TO PUT IN THE TIME AND EXPERIENCE! Otherwise, you'll settle for what someone else thinks is right for you. You'll get out of it what you put into it. For those of us, it's a Hobby.
04-18-13: Sthomas12321
Your B&K's are great for older formats, and if your Sony has analog out, it will be fine for HD formats.

Isn't the DAC in my Sony just kind of mediocre? A better dac like oppo would sound better I think.