Best way to keep REL sub from “hopping around” at high volumes

Hey folks, any “best practices” for keeping my REL sub in one place at high volumes?  It’s on hardwood (and/or tile), no carpet.  Besides using something sticky on the feet — like double sided tape, I can’t think of anything besides a brick on top, lol.    Anything that’s worked for you ?   Of course, only happens at high volumes, it tends to vibrate itself around a bit (nothing crazy),   Ideas?


 Thanks, Jim


+2 SVS footers - $50 a set, use them, nothing but good things to say about them.

I would take with a grain of salt the poster who recommends the Townshend product.  He would have you spend as much on the subwoofer platform as the subwoofer itself.

You will note he owns and repeatedly recommends all the Townshend products and likely has an undisclosed financial interest now or building for the future in products sold on his recommendation.

Anyone feel free to chime in with any corrections.

Buy a 18in by 18in by 1in recycled rubber outdoor paver from Home Depot and put it under the sub.  Or sized otherwise to fit your feet..  Don’t put anything on top.

I have 2 REL SHO’s and they certainly don’t hop around.  You must have the volume turned up way too high and you most likely want a thumping bass sound.


I play mine at 40% volume.  If you can hear your subs they are too loud.  Play them as woofers,