Best Way to Play Flac Files

Hi, I am using flac files and playing them with foobar. I would love to setup a sonus system but my understanding is that it doesn't support the higher bit rate. I like the idea of using an ipad or andoid device with the album covers from my armchair. Right now I am scrolling through the songs on foobar which isn't the greatest. Any suggestions for a better arrangement are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Actually, the stock Squeezebox Touch only plays up to 96/24, although there are mods out there that get you to 192/24, IIRC. Of course, if you don't already own a SBT, you're SOL.
Bondmanp, you're right. Sorry. I had completely forgotten that I did that, although it is done with a 3rd party app that you can install right from the SBT menu.

He is also right about not owning a SBT already. If you don't, good luck finding one for a reasonable price; although they can still be had.

In any case, that still leaves the Sonos. Like Steve N. says, the Sonos apparently still suffers pretty badly from jitter. On the other hand, I enjoy mine immensely. I guess my mid fi system just isn't resolving enough for me to be affected by the jitter or 20 years of competitive shooting has really damaged my hearing. I think it sounds just fine.

What it all boiled down to for me was that I got tired of having another computer to deal with. I just spent $300 on a Synology 2TB NAS and have a directory on the NAS setup as the target location for dbPowerAmp. I rip CDs, they go on the NAS, and done. When I want to listen to music, it's a matter of selecting the Sonos activity on my Harmony 900 and pulling my phone out of my back pocket.

As far as the Hi Res files go, I do have the SBT for those; but to tell the truth, I've found very few recordings that are worth the trouble.
I'm going to throw another vote in for JRiver. In my case, the interface is JRemote on an iPad, with ripping/conversion accomplished by dBpoweramp. These, combined with my server (Music Vault Diamond) and DAC (Antelope Gold) have provided me with the best digital reproduction I've ever heard.
My problem, should my SBT die, is how to get the wifi signal being broadcast by my router, which is hard-wired to my music server, into my (non-USB) DAC. So far, I have seen no appealing SBT alternatives. Sonos is too pricey, I don't (yet) own a smart phone or Android device, and the Olive One is vaporware. My laptop is too noisy to keep powered up for serious listening. I guess I will take another look in the future or when I have to.
My problem, should my SBT die, is how to get the wifi signal being broadcast by my router, which is hard-wired to my music server, into my (non-USB) DAC.
Get a wireless hub.

I've been comparing SB, eLyric and JRiver Media Centers. For some reason, some tracks are breaking up with JRiver. I tried installing on 2 different laptops and same problem. Anyone experiencing this problem?