best way to sell???

hi, i am new to this site and community. my grandfather recently passed away and he had a conrad johnson ct6 preamp sitting in his closet new and unused. so i learned this site would be best place to reach out and sell the unit. i just dont want to get ripped off. just looking for some pointers to make sure trans. goes smoothly... any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Audiogon is THE site to sell high end audio, hands down. It's very well managed and works!! Yes I agree with all of Todd's input. Well done. I would add that you should post several photos of the unit showing its front, rear panel, etc. Be totally honest in your ad and flexible in your price. Yes I agree Paypal is the easiest and most convenient payment option, secure too. Ship the unit out right away and pack it well, insure it for its value as well. Following these recommendations will result in a good reputation for yourself on Audiogon. Be sure to request feedback from your buyer too after the transaction is completed.
If you list it here don't put buy-it option only make-offer option. You will want to screen the potential buyers. Also, since you are new with no feedback or/and forum participation, be prepared to accept a little less except perhaps if this particular model is in high demand. And pack really well, it should be able to withstand at least 6 feet drop without any damage. Insure for full value of course and keep all the papers. Talk to the buyer before finalising the transaction, on the phone or through e-mails. Generally, Audiogon is a good place to buy and sell hi-fi but sometimes shit does happen.
You said it was brand new and unused. If it was the original seal, I would not have open the box. You advertise it as such and as oppose to claiming new with a resealed box, especially with no feedback.
Wait till someone else is selling the same item you want to sell and undercut them.
01-18-12: Polk432
Wait till someone else is selling the same item you want to sell and undercut them.

.....and offer free shipping and no PP fees !!!!!!