best way to ship Klipsch Forte II speakers

i'm going to be selling my klipsch forte II speakers soon and am looking for shipping recommendations on the best way to ship them safely. These are the very heavy originals and i don't have the boxes. Any company recommendations and suggestions on the best way to box or crate these? thanks!
Can't help with crating advice, but I recently received a pair of VSA VR-4SR's (200 lbs a box) shipped and insured via BAX. The rates were very good and, at least on my end, they were treated very well. They arrived perfectly. However call their toll free number for a quote (1-800-callbax); it was much cheaper than their online rate calculator. At least that was my experience in one dealing with them, but I've heard praises about them from others.
Lots and lots of bubble wrap.The kind with 1" bubbles or bigger.Wrap them up into big cocoons about a foot thick all around.Kind of like if you dropped them they would almost bounce.Then a big box or a pallet with them strapped down then covered in cardbord or shipping blankets.Or you could by boxes from Klipsch.Glad I am not paying the freight on these.Then send them overnight air,just kidding.Good luck