Best way to spend $1000 on used bookshelf speakers?

There is so much experience and wisdom in this forum, so I thought I would ask for some advice. Based on what you know now, if you had a budget of $1,000 (give or take) and were looking for the best bookshelf speakers you could afford, what would you be looking for?

I’m with you guys on this one. OP, I think I paid $1400 for my LSA-10’s, and I consider it to be money well spent. $999 is almost a no-brainer, and they’ll have that bass punch you’re after. I listen to a lot of electronic music and they don’t disappoint in that department.


Just out of curiosity, did your “research and legwork” involve actually auditioning the speakers in your system?

" Just out of curiosity, did your “research and legwork” involve actually auditioning the speakers in your system?"
I bought them for $1300. 
I contacted all the raving online reviewers, many times, NOBODY responded. These were the web sites and dudes, quoted for great reviews on the LSA web site.
Listened to them with a number of setups, they sounded awful, whichever way I tried. My PC speakers sounder better.
I couldn't return them so I tried to sell them. 
They were full of scratches on the bottom, - how I received it,  so I spent $150 with a furniture guy to fixt it. 
I then sold it for $800 7 weeks later plus shipping, so I lost $700 not including money I spent on advertising, gas, my time, etc. Then it would be closer to losing a $1000 on a pair of $1300 speakers. Did I mention I took them to 3 nearby audio stores and tried to trade them in and they said: dude, what's wrong with you, nobody knows these, nobody wants these, get out of my store.
I spent 20+ hours trying to sell them including driving 4 hours to meet potential buyers, so it was my worst experience "buying and selling". 
Not that I bought them thinking I would sell them, I wanted to like them. I was told that $1300 is a huge discount, "they are really 
$4000 speakers"
So... after my wife nearly kicked me out for throwing out $700 the window, I DO think I did a lot of legwork and research and suffering.