Best Way to Spend ~ $2000 for System Improvement

Hi fellow music lovers! I have about $2000 right now to improve my system. It can be for any component, but I'm thinking amplification first, power, pre, or integrated. SS or tube.

To begin, right now I have a Mccormack 0.5 Deluxe power amp with "A" revisions, an Eva 2 passive preamp, Metrum Octave v1 DAC, Dell laptop for music files. Sometimes I use a Teac H750 as a transport and GMA Pico Executive speakers. The room is small, about 14x18x10ft. I listen to about 50/50 rock and classical, mostly full orchestral. As far as just sound goes, I would like the bass to be "fast". No delay or overhang, not exaggerated, but detailed. Detail is important at any frequency, the more the better, but not at the expense of musicality. I realize at this price point, compromise is necessary, and treble would be the best place for that. No harshness allowed, but I'm in my later 50s now and don't hear treble like I once did.

I hope I've given enough info to get some good suggestions. I like the sound now, but think it could be better, maybe a slightly lower noise floor and a little more pace and rhythm while retaining it's sweetness and smoothness. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. BTW, if any existing question answers any part of this question, feel free to link it.
Once again thanks for all the advice! @ anyone who has had dedicated lines installed- what exactly do I tell the electrician? Just that I want 2 dedicated lines for a stereo installed? Should I know and buy the brand of outlets or anything else ahead of time? I know very little to nothing about electric lines or any terminology used. I know there must be a lot of threads on here on this subject, but I'm not sure how much of them I'd understand. I don't mind asking stupid questions as long as the end result is good. @dfarmer I don't think most people know how truly excellent GMA speakers are. Mine are the first edition of the Picos when they weren't as expensive. Also, they were dealer demos, bringing the price down further. I also had better associated gear when I bought them. Since then I've had health problems and sold some of my equipment. But even with what I had before, the sound wasn't quite right. That's a big reason why I'm going to try this solution instead of new components right away.
@xrayz, did you see my thread? I got advice from the experts on proper installation of dedicated lines, due to the fact my first installation was not optimal. The electrician did not arrange the circuit box for low noise.

Take a photo or draw a diagram of your current circuit box layout. Your new audio lines have to be placed away from appliances and other devices that generate noise.
Magic fairy dust ... but you will need at least $5000 worth of it.

But seriously, I owned the same amp as you. Driving it with a passive preamp sure does give you transparency in spades, but if you want to hear music, for real, I suggest you get yourself a nice, transparent tube preamp instead.

Replacing all the fuses in your system with synergistic research black fuses is the most cost effective way to improve your system.
This is serious recommendation. About a year ago I replaced the fuses in my SACD player, preamp  and power amps with synergistic red fuses and was shocked at the extent of the improvements. The change was exactly the same as one would expect from a major pre-amp upgrade.. However
the 7 fuses I installed cost less the $600 compared to about $2500 it would have cost to upgrade my preamp. . I have been modifying amps and preamps for more than 20 years. Twenty years ago most audiophiles did not believe that upgrading passive components could  improve fidelity in the same way as active components. I replaced all the film caps in my preamp with high quality polypropylene caps  with dramatics results. I  later updated my diodes and resistors with  the  same awesome results.
Twenty years ago most audiophiles were skeptical of the benefits to be gained by cables and power cords. Some people require explanations  before taking the plunge when something is new. However many of the most effective improvements came not from manufacturers but from audiophiles like Steve McCormack.
Good luck
Best 2 Grand you can spend and live with for a long time ?
 Cables and interconnects ,
Kimber, Wire World , and Purist , Buy there lower end there fine