Best Wireless ear buds for SOUND..??!

What wireless ear buds SOUND best?
Dont care about touchless, or noise cancel, or phone really.

Ive tried latest Cambridge Audio...nope/
Tried Sennheiser....nope.

They are lifeless and just cant get loud enough.

What wireless ear buds can actually rock??
Check out Cleer Audio's Ally Plus,  Here's a good video review from the UK.  The Ally Plus II will be coming out soon so they're at a really good price.
The latest moondrop Sparks? I heard these has a Audiophile oriented sound signature. I I were you I'd get the  FiiO UTWS3 and Blon BL05S.
I’ve been pretty happy with Jabra Active Elite 75’s and highly recommend them if you will be wearing during workouts. They are sweat resistant and sound is excellent ( considering it is Bluetooth). Price was 179!

Give Cleer Audio's Ally Plus a try. They're being replaced by a more full featured version II so they're discounted at $99.  Check them out on Crutchfield, Amazon or at  They're pretty good and they come with 5 ear tips for different sized ear canals. If you don't like them, return em.
I currently have the Apple AirPod Pros and they’re pretty good for what they’re for.  I am also interested to upgrade to an improved sound quality.  Have recently seen ads for the Klipsch T5 II and the Status Between buds.  Has anyone experienced either of these first hand?