Best Wireless ear buds for SOUND..??!

What wireless ear buds SOUND best?
Dont care about touchless, or noise cancel, or phone really.

Ive tried latest Cambridge Audio...nope/
Tried Sennheiser....nope.

They are lifeless and just cant get loud enough.

What wireless ear buds can actually rock??
 Sony WF-1000XM,
Google Pixel Buds A-Series,
Apple AirPods Pro,
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2,
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I haven't heard wireless that is as good as the wired variety.  Sony is probably one of the best, but not good enough for me

I currently have the Apple AirPods Pro and they’re pretty good for what they’re for.  I am also interested to upgrade to an improved sound quality.

For sound quality it’s b&w pi7 or beoplay ex.. Sony 1000xm4 comes in third. The Sony beats them in noise canceling