Best wishes for Tom Petty

Terrible news for Tom Petty

I saw TP in 1979 when his debut album was just getting attention. What a great band back then. His first 3 albums still get time on my table and sound fresh.

Hoping for a successful recovery.

Rest In Peace Tom one of the all time greats always put on a great show. I’m 62 grew up with his music. A very sad day.
So sorry to hear any of this.
Time marches on I guess but Tom was one of the last great "Greats" that still had some creative juices left...


Tragic news. One of the great Icons of my time, just saw the news when I got back to the office. Still trying to digest this un-expressible loss to the music industry and really much much more than a thread in the fabric on my appreciation for songwriting, musicianship, and his personality that in light of his great fame, his feet never really seemed to leave the ground. He is and will be remembered for many generations. He now joins, the Beatles, Elvis, and many more.

My sympathies to his family