Best XLRs under $500 a pair

Looking for some choices here. I’m using Pangia SE now but May look to upgrade soon. Equipment as follows:

BluSound Node streamer > Gustard X26 Pro DAC > Parasound JC2 BP Preamp > Parasound Halo A51 Amp. 
Basically looking for best 2 channel sound for music. Need a pair from DAC to Pre Amp / A pair from Pre Amp to Amp. 



except for the cable - there are other components of the system ... the cable must make them friends, not lose data, not introduce distortion ... SYNERGY IN A SPECIFIC CASE IS IMPORTANT ...
... take a box of wires from the store (on bail) and test it on your system ... there is no other way.

As mentioned by nonoise, I use Audio Envy O'nestian XLR and can confirm they are a huge upgrade over single RCA, specially between the source and the dac.