Better Amp for Cornwall IV's...

...Parasound 2250 v.2 / 200 Pre combo, which I own, or Denon PMA-1600NE integrated, which I don't, but I admire the build quality and appearance of?  My Parasound is rated 275W into 8 Ohms / 400W into 4, while the Denon is 70W into 8 and 140 into 4.  Of course, the Klipsch Cornwall IV's are quite sensitive and are rated 8 Ohms.  Maybe more than which is better, which would you all prefer?
jdmccall - If it "wasn't THAT loud", you may be a db-holic...
Nah...I try to be careful.  If I can't hear the sound of my own natural speaking voice when the music is playing, I turn it down.  I usually stay in the 90-95dB range on peaks.  Loud but not TOO loud.
I have a 70wpc PrimaLuna EVO 400 tube integrated that I drive my Cornwall IVs with and it provides waaaaaaaaay more than enough power to push the speakers to deafening levels without breaking a sweat.  Given that, I'm sure the 70wpc Denon would also be a great choice for the Cornwalls.

You mentioned the DCD-1600NE.  I just received the Denon DCD-A110 SACD player and I'm so impressed with it that it has me thinking about buying the matching integrated (PMA-A110).  In other words, I think your experience with your SACD player will mirror the experience you'll have with the PMA-1600NE.  I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy the Denon amp if the quality of Denon's other hi-fi gear is any indication what to expect.

since CW4 so high efficiency and PL are tube, do you get any noise issues through the speakers or is it dead quiet?
Of course, you'd be better off with the Denon PMA-A110 integrated, which is the 110th anniversary model, and they put some special effort into.

Likewise, of course, it costs more.