Better speakers than Von Schweiker VR4jr under 3k

Are any one try better speakers than Von Schweikert VR-4 jr
Under $3000? Thanks.
Wow! Between the taking advantage of people and Bose Wave radio comment I dont know who is playing more dirty:)
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LOL....I am not trying to. His post looks like he prays on trying to lowball people. Trust me I have got my fair share of insults here selling items and getting lowballed. There are several here that lay and wait. They know who they are and if the shoe fits...SAD :)
I had a pair of the VR4 JRs. Bought them 9 mo. Old from the orig owner. One of the rear or front tweeters was bad when I got them but I wasn’t sure just what was wrong then. Ultimately I sent the top modules back to VSA and they replaced all the tweeters at my request.

Once they were run in completely I sold them. During their stay I tried a lot of tweaks, bi wiring, amps, and preamps. And finally found one combination that worked well. So I sold them right afterwards. Funny… spend a year trying this and that then when it finally gets good… sell them. I’m glad I did though.

I bought Silverline speakers next. Sonata IIIs. Brand new. They work well with about anything… sure they’ll work better with the right match or synergistic pairing, but overall the tweeter is improved, the bass more prodigious, and the midrange not as dry… and you won’t need two foot jumpers, shotguns, or lengthy lead in bi wires to hook em up. Nor will placement matter nearly as much with the Silverlines as it did with the JRs. Oh, yeah, and the esthetic of the Sonata’s is far better.

The JR’S AREN’T A BAD SPEKER SYSTEM… for their used prices around $2K +/-… but you can do better and have less trouble pairing stuff with Silverline speakers. More $$$? Yeah… but worth it I believe…. And there’s a lot more out there to look at I’m sure. I almost bought Tyler Acoustics. Ty has a large following and offers great looking cabinets, and value. So do Phase Tech’s top tier line and good value to boot. Sonus Faber’s new Domus is highly praised too in the online reviews. If I could have dealt with the height of the Vienna Acoutics Mahlers, I would have bought a used pair of them without a second thought… used of course… but they’re too tall for me.

Another thought I feel important is this… as important as are speakers, my exp has shown me having better stuff in front of them is the real deal. Iv’e heard very expensive speakers with middle high end gear…. And mid high end speakers with very high end front ends and the latter combo was far superior to the former. It’s wahts up front that counts! …to coin an TV commercial from the sixties or seventies.
Arkio is right and having been on both sides of the buy high-sell low-lose a lot, I must admit hiend audio offers tremendeous bargains. But it is not just because of neconomy going wrong or obsolescence, it is just supply-demand. The deal is to stay away from wanting that blockbuster well-reviewed gear for about a year or so and then use the heavy supply of second hand and the deperate Agon sellers to get a low price on those fads. VR4JR, Gallo Ref 3, Zen Adagio, JM Lab Electra are only a few one can get for less than 50% of orginal price or even less. I would look at a used pair of Electra 936-37-46 if I were you.

I agree there are lots of good bargains and I am not trying to really rip Arkio for finding good bargains. Hell we all like to save money :) Maybe I took his post wrong and if I did I apologize.

My question to you is have you heard the Electra 946? How would you describe the sound? Cool, too detailed, smooth, well rounded, full, etc.... Thanks!

Hell I just wanna get a good deal on his Bose Wave radio, those things are SWEEEET and made by a Dr.!!!!!!!!