Better story teller than Edmund Fitzgerald?

There was a thread on A'gon about the most perfect song.  We had reasons for picking various, but for me it was Gordong Lightfoot's Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Perhaps it featured an aspect of song writing that no one else much cared for:  A deep and detailed story in the song.

So I ask you, A'goners, what songs are as good or better at telling a story of a historical event? 


I got nothing against Gordon Lightfoot, but if “historical events” is what we’re talking about, I don’t see how we could skip the obvious: Bob Dylan.
The depth, subtext, humor, wit and complexity of his “historical events songs” blows any puffed up sea shanty out of ol’ Gitche Gumee.

- A tragic “boat” tale, the Hudson Belle, hired by a Harlem social club for an event, leading to unnecessary violence and injury: “Talkin’ Bear Picnic Massacre Blues”
- The kidnapping, torture and murder of Emmet Till: “The Death of Emmett Till”
- The mobilization of 30,000 US troops for a domestic disturbance (most in US history), the Ole Miss riot of ‘62: “Oxford Town”
- The death of Davey Moore: “Who Killed Davey Moore”
- The assassination of Medgar Evers: “Only a Pawn in Their Game”
- The murder of Hattie Carroll: “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll”
- The murder of Joey Gallo: “Joey”
- The imprisonment of Ruben Carter: “Hurricane”

Al Stewart - Roads To Moscow

The Waterboys - Red Army Blues


certainly plenty of Dylan

and yes Gord's  Fitz is an amazing tune and story

Wow! This list hits many of the artists near and dear to me. I got on the board of our local coffee house years ago just to get my mitts on their tapes. Man do I have a collection. This list could never be complete without the late great STAN ROGERS!! There is no such thing as a bad Stan Rogers song. If anyone wants to buy just one Stan album, make it "Between the Breaks.... Live. It is great. Buy it!!! Joe