better the mc2500 for 2500.00 used

Hi, I am looking for suggestions for a possible new amp. I just acquired a pair of Dahlquist dq-10's and I am using a McIntosh MC2500. Can I get better performance from an amp that will mate well with these speakers for 2000-2500. 00, tubes would be nice. I was also considering changing my preamp from a Cary slp-98 to a Mac preamp ( c-22, c-220, c-2200 ) for a better possible synergistic match.

I am not sure how much these speakers can be driven, I blew the fuses already, but they were 2a, not 3a. I have replaced with 3a fuses and have had no further issues, even though I have had the meters on the mac pegged at about 300-350 watts already.

Is there a "safer" amp for me? I didn't find the volume super, super loud at this level, maybe they were old fuses?

Any thoughts or suggestions.
I don't think the Dahlquist DQ-10 speakers are known for playing particularly "LOUD," but the Wyred 4 Sound STI-1000 would give you more power, better sound, and you could replace both your amp and preamp. It's new list price is $2499.

If it were me, I'd consider looking for more efficient speakers that could play at louder levels. 350 watts is generally considered "high-power" already... and higher power than was typically available when the DQ-10s were designed. Meaning that you could start popping (burning out) the drivers with more than 350 Wpc.
I used to have an MÇ 2300. Fantastic amp. I don't understand what it is you don't like about the 2500. I have always felt it better to have a powerful clean amp, that (and I wouldn't want to be in the room if if could) can't be driven into distortion than one with less power that can be. Most speakers can handle CLEAN power, and with the Mac, you should have that in spades.
If you are blowing fuses, I would think that they are either too small or something is amiss with the Dahlquists. It has been years since I have heard them, but if I remember right they could absorb large amounts of power with little difficulty, and load shouldn't be a problem either as the Mac can safely drive a half ohm load.

With regard to a new preamp, hard to go wrong with a C-22, or any Mac preamp for that matter. Enjoy, the DQ's are very nice indeed
Thanks Plato. The 350w was a peak, and I am not looking for more power, but actually less, so I don't damage the speakers. I can't seem to find the power handling specs of these speakers. I will look into the wired.
I have a pair of completely restored and updated DQ-10's and I found the Belles amps to be a perfect match. I used a 150A Hot Rod and loved it. I never listened really loud. The 150 Reference, (same power as Hot Rod, but twice the current) or 350A Reference might be better if you intend to listen at higher volumes.

If you haven't found these guys yet, they are excellent help to rebuild/renew the DQ-10's:

I agree that the DQ-10's are a wonderful, kinda magical speaker. My son is making me leave them to him in my will...
I don't think the DQ's can handle more than 200watts. Try an original Mac 275, or a pair of MC-75's with the C-22