Better Transport than CAL Delta

I have a CAL Delta/Alpha Combo, and I am currently using an Integra Research RDC-7 as the Pre Amp. At this time, we are leaning a preferance towards the Delta being processed by the RDC-7. If I were to sell my Alpha and my Delta, is there a better transport to have in the 1K new or used price range? I am also considering getting the mating DVD/DVD-A player from Integra Research. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Is the DAC a Delta Sigma Converter? If so, one of the best transports believe it or not is a $89 Aiwa CD Changer from Best Buy. Some info available from the Chicago Audio Society at who discovered it (search work Aiwa), and also search in other AudiogoN threads for Chicago Audio, Aiwa, and Stan Warren who will do a small mod to the Aiwa and make a good transport into a great one. Chicago Audio's Aiwa paired with a highly modified regular MSB Link DAC is their reference player for comparison purposes.
Aiwa doesn't make the XC-37 M anymore. You'll have to find one used. Oh, that's the transport Sugarbrie was referring to. You need either the XC-37 M or the XC-35 M.