Beware of new material claims - the case of graphene

Given that graphene is quite the in vogue material for audio applications I wonder how many (if any) of the vendors selling this are actually sourcing the real thing?
Well the link I included is to a very well respected manufacturer (based in NY) that supplies laboratories internationally. They supply micro-spectrographs of some of their products. The product I linked to is well priced and contains 99% single layer graphene.
So rather than accepting an article that is issuing a broad warning without any investigation, people can find real graphene at reasonable prices with a small amount of research.
I’m sure fraud is an issue. But remember that fraud occurs for anything of value. Cables, Rolex’s whatever. People can do a small amount of research to get the real thing. 

OK, so you got your single layer or three layer Graphene in ethanol or pure powder. Now what are going to do? 😳
It would be nice to hear Bob Grost of Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme and Matrix cables chime in on the subject.