Beware of PayPal

I made a payment via PayPal and just noticed that they took the money out of my checking account instead of my credit card. They made this change without notifying me! Worst thing is that there's absolutely no way to contact them. They don't respond to my emails and they have no phone number to call! This is horrible!
Last year I had a dispute with Paypal over an Ebay purchase. The item that was shipped was NOT as described, it was not packed in a fashion appropriate to delicate optics (a microscope, tossed into a box with 1 layer of bubble wrap) I think it was shipped badly to somehow cover the fact that the serial numbers had been GROUND off. It certainly looked like it might be stolen goods ;) When I complained to the seller I received an impolite response. Paypal's attitude was that IF ANYTHING AT ALL WAS shipped, they would protect the seller. My credit card company instructed me to return the item to the return address on the package (UPS with tracking #)and they would back me up. I did, they did, and Paypal never said anything at all. On a subsequent transaction they pulled from my bank instead of cc, I ACTUALLY found a phone number and SPOKE TO A PERSON. I was informed that even though the transaction not ten minutes distant, they could not modify or cancel the transaction. That was when I closed my paypal account!
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This is not a PP fault, you should ask somebody how the payments managed / search or test it, before making a serious spent
Sometimes, there is some customer encounter issue in Paypal. But I always contact PayPal Customer Service first to ask my concern and to secure my money.