Beware of Sony and Rootkits

Pretty interesting article I just came across and thought appropriate to share with this forum.
Holy %&*#

Need a second source before I start boycott on Sony. No, wait, I already have.
I own a Sony product and now wish I didn't. Anyone want an SCD-XA9000ES? That's dispicable.
This is a good explanation and will allow you to avoid the pitfalls of it, and also make copies for your portable.
SONY LOST-read today's NYT. Sony is recalling all cd's with copy protection. For once, the little guy wins!
How do I join the class action on this issue with Sony? I have a movie soundtrack from Asia which has this kind of software on it. So I think the list of the problem CDs will grow when the news spread.

Are Sony trying to destroy the evidence by collecting the CD back?